Colleges that are Famous Because of Ghosts

Although many people do not believe in ghosts, there are many stories of haunted colleges and Universities. Ghost stories, many at times, are related to the culture and history of the school. These stories have gone from generation to generation. Here are some top haunted colleges around the world.

1. Heidelberg University, Germany

A lot of professors, during the Nazi Era, appeared in the concentration camps. History tells that classrooms and chalkboards there were full of mysterious words.
when Nazi came, a lot of women were taken to the School's health center to be sterilized. A handful of students report that they do hear screams and cry of these women.
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2. Gettysburg College, USA

There is something that qualifies many schools for Ghost stories. This is where the school is located. This explains why campuses built on the battlefield have a lot of Ghost stories attached. This explains why Gettysburg College, thrives with stories about Ghosts.
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3. University of St Andrews, Scotland

Even if you do not believe that ghost exists at this University, gothic buildings of this school support the idea.
The school is a popular haunted location in Scotland. This is because history had it that St. Andrews has some spooky characters like a ghost ship and phantom monks. One of the famous ghosts here is The White Lady. She was a lady serving the Queen of Scots, Mary. Her lover died by beheading, which led to her death. She now haunts the school.
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4. Nagasaki University, Japan

Nagasaki is location famous due to the atomic bomb during the war. Thousands were killed, and according to history, their spirits are still around the University Campus.
The medical College was hit during the strike. Almost a thousand souls perished. Many people have reported seeing ghosts. Students also allege hearing people screaming.

5. Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

According to history, there is a faceless lady with long braids who haunts one of the most famous roads at the school.
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