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GHOST -EP is organized to bring diverse ways of thinking to capture many types of phenomena. Our method of collecting evidence will be as close to a scientific method as possible.We will also keep in mind that a true scientific method is not possible in our field as controls are not 100% attainable. We will use all current and tried and true theories that are used in our field, while striving to create new ones.

All Investigations will be held in a series of 3 nights/days. The first night/day will be fact finding mission with an emphasis on Base line readings/photographs and attempts to communicate with the unknown. The second night will be used to reinforce/duplicate any phenomena that was captured on the previous night/day and continue any communication that was started. (we will attempt to communicate the owners wishes to the unknown) The last night will be a final attempt at communication with an emphasis on offering alternate explanations as to what has happened.We will approach each Investigation in a professional manner with the Client’s wishes in mind.
The goal of our approach will be to validate or help our client understand what is happening on their property. We will have communication with our clients prior, during and after all investigations. We will never ask our clients for money. Our services and investigations will always be free.
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