K2 Meter

K2 Meter

K2 meter -

The K2 EMF meter is used by Ghost Hunters to find indications of paranormal activity by looking for sudden erratic readings (spikes) of the lights on the K2 meter . A man made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) creates a steady reading while the spirit worlds energy is believed to be what creates the impulse readings on the K2 EMF meter. Researchers using the K-II EMF meter have been able to do what seems to be actual communication sessions with what is believed to be ghosts. The ghost is simply instructed to light up the lights on the meter in response to specific questions. For example, the ghost can be asked to respond with spiking up the lights of the K2 meter once for a No answer to a question and to light up the lights of the K2 EMF meter twice for a Yes answer to a question.

The fact that the K2 EMF meter uses lights to notify you of various levels of EMF strength makes the meter perfect for use in dark or low light environments. Since the lights will only go off when you have a significant increase in the EMF field you will not be distracted by smaller normal variations in the EMF field. Since the lights on the K2 EMF meter will light up “like a Christmas tree” when you get a sudden spike it is easy to notice suspected paranormal activity.

The K2 meter is extremely portable, rugged and economical. You can easily carry the K2 EMF meter with you wherever you go. The K2 meter case is hard rugged plastic that can withstand shocks and rainy weather. The K2 EMF meter is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. under the highest quality control standards. The K2 EMF meter was designed to be economical and hence the 9V battery installed in the K2 meter will last for many months.

The K-II EMF meter is calibrated at 60 Hz. However it measures frequencies from 30 to 20,000 Hz. This makes the meter unique and is one of the reasons it has been used with such amazing results in ghost hunting. The wide range covered by the K-II EMF meter ensures that you do not miss any energy emitted by a suspected ghost. No one has so far been able to pin down which frequency the spirit world dwells or communicates in. Therefore, using the K2 EMF meter optimizes your possibility to capture indications of paranormal activity.

Cell Sensor

Cell Sensor- ( Electromagnetic Field Gaussmeter )
The compact meter is ideal for detecting both Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. Easy-to-read analog meter (registering mW/cm2 for RF and milliGauss for EMF), flashing LED and audio alarm make it quick and simple to identify emissions from cellular phones, computer monitors, TVs, and more.
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Trifield Natural Meter- The NATURAL EM METER detects radio/microwaves and changes in extremely weak static (DC or “Natural”) electric and magnetic fields. So highly sensitive it will detect the presence of body parts. What makes this unit so useful for paranormal work is the squelchable audio tone which alerts the user to activity in the vicinity of the meter. Several meters can be placed throughout a location unattended to track the movement of activit

IR Night Shot Sony Video camcorder -
With Sony’s NightShot Plus Infrared System you can capture natural looking video, even when shooting in low light. Record subjects up to 10 feet away using the built-in infrared system, but without the overall monochrome color common with earlier low-light recording systems.


IR illuminators -
Custom made by a well known Ghost Hunter. These illuminators will increase the night shot on our Sony Cams by up to 50 ft.



Laser grid -
This high powered laser emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. Set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence.

Digital Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice recorders -

While we use many different models and brands of voice recorders this is an explination of the RCA model some of us use. The digital voice recorder features a multi-function LCD display that shows the time, low battery indicator, recording countdown and other information. The built-in USB allows for direct PC connection, helping you listen, share, save and organize with ease. Enjoy worry-free recording with the Automatic Voice-Activated Record (AVR) mode which will sense sound and start recording automatically once sound begins and stop recording when sound ends. Choose from three different playback options: bookmark, variable speed and pitch correction for slow/fast play. By using the date/time stamp you can quickly find specific recordings without the hassle of listening to complete recordings. Additional features include editing functions, headphone jack/external microphone jack, selectable recording mode and key lock function.

Mel Meter

Mel Meter


The Mel Meter, designed specifically for paranormal investigations, is a handy piece of equipment that combines three things in one: it’s large LCD screen provides soft illumination that’s far less intrusive than a bright flashlight, it’s an EMF detector, and it detects ambient temperatures. (Please refer to the respective equipment articles for a more detailed write-up on our use of EMF detectors and P robe-Style Thermometer s in paranormal investigations.) As if these multi-tasking features didn’t make this device handy enough, the MEL Meter can also record the data it collects, bypassing the need for a camcorder to properly document any detected EMF spikes or cold spots. This data recording feature also means that the MEL Meter can be placed unattended in a room to collect data on its own, giving our investigators more freedom to explore other areas. The simultaneous EMF / thermometer functions helps investigators analyze the correlation between EMF spikes and drastic temperature changes – if both should occur at the same time, theoretically the cause is more likely paranormal. Furthermore, since the MEL Meter also boasts an EMF “burst” mode – allowing for instantaneous EMF response without the slight delay found in most digital-display EMF detectors – it’s just as useful as a K-II meter in conducting question-and-answer sessions. (Sessions in which ghosts are asked to cause EMF detectors to spike in certain ways in response to questions posed by investigators.)

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier - Sonic Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier (Model 5200)

Provides up to 50+ decibels of ambient sound amplification. Maximum output of 107dB.
Frequency response 100 to 14000 hertz.
Solid state microelectronic circuitry requires only a single 1.5 AAA alkaline battery for up to 30 hours of operation. (Battery included)
Premium stereo headphones deliver clear, crisp sound, particularly in the human voice range.
Spring steel clip (provided) attaches the amplifier to a pocket, belt or lapel for “hands-free” use.
9 x 6 x 2 snap lid storage case (provided) keeps components together and makes sanitary storage simple.
ADA compliant

DvD Camera

DvD Camera

DVD Cameras -

Seeing a full body apparition (a ghost with a human form) is an exilerating event for any ghost hunter. But unless the investigator has visual proof to confirm that sighting, it simply becomes a great personal experience rather than hard evidence. That’s why all of our G.H.O.S.T. crews equip themselves with at least one camcorder with night vision, so that they can hopefully capture what is considered the holy grail of paranormal evidence: undeniable, visual proof of a ghostly manifestation. Since we conduct the majority of our investigations in the dark video cameras with night vision and illuminated LCD screens often serve as our eyes, allowing us to see objects move and visual manifestations where otherwise we would be all but blind. And since camcorders have microphones of their own, they can pull double-duty by also capturing EVPs, much like our digital voice recorders. Often, we will set up stationary cameras in areas reported to have the most paranormal activity in hopes of catching visual or auditory evidence while we’re away investigating other parts of the location. Even though the camera often serves as our eyes while in a dark environment, video resolution is still far from that of the human eye, and so false positives can occur. Inexperienced investigators may mistake dust particles or insects drifting close to the camera lens as light anomalies (a.k.a., orbs), which is why we subject any video evidence gathered to strict analysis.

DVR IR System

DVR IR System

IR Cameras and DVR SYSTEM -

We use IR (infrared) cameras during investigations for the same reason we use camcorders: to catch video evidence of visual paranormal manifestations. Unlike the handheld camcorders which nightvision, which we usually carry around with us throughout the investigation, IR cameras are set up in single locations reported to have the most paranormal activity. Because IR cameras record infrared rather than visual light, they provide much clearer video at a higher resolution than camcorders while filming in the dark. One drawback to the IR camera, however, is that it only records video, not audio, and so it doesn’t have the potential to capture possible EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) like its camcorder counterpart.

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